[WSO of the DAY] 60 Minutes to $100 Days

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Hi all. I recieved a review copy of this course and it is fantastic. With all the recent news of the Google stirring up a Hurricane and P.Pal trampling Tsunami wrecking havoc on even legitimate marketers, I like promoting physical products as an affiliate and doing it in a way where I am not trashing up the internet with unreadable garbage.

I find earning with adsense and amazon to be a way to make money with out many of the headaches and concerns of other kinds of online marketing.

I give your newest product (60 minutes to $100 days) a big thumbs up. I am excited to give your training an earnest go over the next 90 - 120 days and I will be glad to report back to you the results.

I think it is a fantastic product that any marketer wanting to make money online should invest in and apply.

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