WSOOTD – Google Wants Sites Like These – Panda Proof, Newbie Friendly! 15yrs of Online Profits

Value: $34.35


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(NOTE: please forgive the lack of screaming graphics and unbelievable income screenshots – not my style)

I am a professional salesman, with over 22 years experience – I’ve been selling both industrial equipment and consumer products since 1988 – and I put up my first website in 1996! I’ve sold literally millions of dollars worth of product online, and I’m at the point where I can take a lot of time off.

So this summer I did just that, and wrote this book – and built a website that illustrates my principles. As you move through the book, you can duplicate this site with free software, and when you’re finished, you’ll have your own e-commerce website – and know exactly how to customize it to your satisfaction.

The Grabapple Guide to E-Commerce is over 200 pages of real world experience from my over 15 years online…All of it battle tested and used on real e-commerce websites. In a minute we’ll take a look at what you get, but first I’ll tell you why you care


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