WSOTD – LocalFusion – OFFLINE – The Ultimate Lead Gen WP Plugin – Live – Go Go Go!

Value: $9

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Originally Posted by pimpyourprofits View Post. As you can see, I don’t post reviews and this is not endorsed..

So I had a chance to mess around with it and try to break it.. Well, I have some sad news to say that I wasn’t able to bust the thing..

Here are my thoughts:
* The upload and integration of the plugin is truly seamless
* The design of plugin is very easy to navigate
* I was able to make a sick looking page in about 3 minutes flat
* Let my (non-techie) wife try it and she was able to upload, set-up & have a landing page ready to rock in 13 minutes
* Support will be top shelf as I have purchase from these guys in the past and tutorials, videos etc have always been great quality and easy to follow.

In conclusion, the plugin rocks and anyone who decides to invest in this will quickly see the benefit right away.


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